Tameka Talks 911 Calls, New Ventures & Leaving The Past Behind (Pg. 4)

Ha! Just to clear up a rumor you’ve dodged in the past – did you key Usher’s car last October? 
No! From what I heard, there is supposed to be a truck that he had and the truck was registered to me. It was my truck, but the truck didn’t get keyed. I don’t know what happened with that. That’s why he didn’t sound very considered in the [911] phone call. I’m not saying his car didn’t get keyed, I’m just saying I don’t know who did it.

He mentioned your name on that call.
Laughs] He sure did, didn’t he? That was just one of our angry-with-each-other moments. 

So he called 911 just to piss you off?
I don’t know what that was about. I laughed at him so hard when I heard [the audio] and said ‘You sound so crazy.’ He’s embarrassed by it. That was a low point I should say. Trust me, he wasn’t happy about it.

He also told the operator you wouldn’t leave his property…
Oh Lord… I think we were still married at the time. It was just a domestic argument, like couples have. One thing that I don’t think people realize is celebrities have arguments, not physical fights, but things happen.


“I’m an entrepreneur, I have goals. I want to leave behind a legacy of things that are beyond [my sons’] father.”


 Moving past your ex, you started a children’s foundation last year. How is that going?
It’s some of the most gratifying work I do. My Lost Ones foundation is catered towards girls between 12 and 18. We mentor them, I do two retreats a year where for a week we try to show them a different slice of life. We give them full makeovers and we have career coaching and we speak to them about education and abstinence training and fitness. 

And you recently opened your first store, Estella?
That’s been a baby dream for like 20 years. It’s like an upscale Urban Outfitters [in Georgia]. I have a mixture of high-end vintage clothing. My [own] designs aren’t in the store yet, but they will be very soon. 

For all of those who still label you as just the ex-wife of Usher. Who is Tameka Raymond in 2010?
[I’m an] independent woman, not trying to get any spotlight from [Usher]. Tameka Raymond is satisfied. She is a mom first, I’m an entrepreneur, I have goals. I want to leave behind a legacy of things that are beyond [my sons’] father.

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