Teairra Talks Loving Short Men, Bisexuals & Not Having An Industry BFF (Pg. 2)

Who’s your black girl crush?
Just based off swag and being sexy, I’m going to say Nicki Minaj.

Would you ever go for a kiss?
Yeah, maybe a peck [Laughs].


Would you ever date a bisexual man?

Why not?
I don’t think I can get with it. I have a lot of gay friends and the way they be talking about their sexual escapades… I don’t know if I can keep up [

Share your worst hair experience.
I’ve had so many. [Laughs] I would have to say one time I dyed my hair this orange-red color and it was hideous. I was around 19 and then the lady that put the weave in had a full-head wig weave. I never get a full head weave, just half. Everything looked horrible.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done drunk?
I’m not really a crazy drunk, [but] the craziest thing was maybe throwing up on someone’s lap. That’s the most unconscious thing I’ve ever done, but usually when I’m drunk I’m pretty awake and know what’s going on.

Do different liquors have different effects on you?
Dark liquor makes me violent, tequila makes me want to have fun and vodka makes me chill and observant

So you’ve been in a bar fight before?
When I was drunk? No. That doesn’t mean I didn’t grab someone’s ponytail, but fight? No.

What’s your favorite childhood game?
I used to love the board game Life. That was one of my favorites because as a child I always thought about the future and what I wanted.

Do you have a kinky fetish?
This is so typical girly-girl, but I have a shoe fetish and that’s my most honest answer [

We need more honesty. How ‘bout a real fetish?
I like short guys. I never understood it. That’s just what I’ve liked my whole life. All my friends would see tall guys and be like ‘Oh my God he’s so sexy’ and I would never get it. I’d be like ‘I like him over in the corner that you can’t really see’ [Laughs].

Do you have an industry BFF?
No, I have friends but not a BFF. I have to be honest, I’m a little guarded with my industry friendships. You never know what people are out for— it’s hard to tell. You don’t want to go through life thinking that everybody’s out to get you or everybody, but I am guarded.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your career thus far?
Trusting the wrong people. That’s why I’m a little guarded now because I was burned by people I gave my undivided trust to.

What was the situation?
There’ve been a few honestly, where I’ve told people things and I heard it back through other sources… people in the industry that I would never tell anything to. But the one thing about me is I learn from all my mistakes. Believe that.

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