Tito Jackson on MJ: “Michael was like Kobe Bryant to the Lakers.” (Pg 2)

Okay, so I was having a debate with some other Jackson fans about what was the best Jackson tour. I picked the 1981 Triumph tour over the 1984 Victory tour. What’s your pick?

[Laughs]. That’s funny, because I think the Triumph tour was our best tour. Besides the Victory tour being the biggest Jackson’s tour and having the biggest effects and biggest returns and playing in huge stadiums, it wasn’t the best Jackson show. Remember, the ticket price was an issue. The price back then was $29. They thought that was so high…the press rode us really hard about that. But a week or two later, Madonna came out with tickets for something like $60. That justified our price. But what I really hated about the Victory tour was that Jackie wasn’t onstage with us for a lot of the dates. He broke his leg. I don’t think the world saw the Jackson brothers at their best.

Are there any plans for the Jackson brothers to tour again in the future?

I think you will see the Jacksons onstage. You will see a different type of group with a different sound. We will be missing the voice of Michael, that’s for sure. But we will still have the same Jackson harmonies and vocals from the brothers. We’ve been performing all our lives. We love what we do. I think that Michael would want us to continue the legacy.

Overall, are you happy with the way the Michael Jackson estate has been handled?

So far it’s been positive. But really, my brother has only been gone a year and so everything that has been done prior to his passing is what it is. We’ve built this on the strength of the Jackson 5, Michael, and Janet. The world will continue to hear Jackson music. The song is not over yet for the Jacksons. We have a lot of music in us.

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