Top Five Moments: From The 2010 MTV Movie Awards


As with every year, the 2010 MTV Movie Awards featured a who’s who of all-star presentersChris RockDwayne Johnson and Sean Diddy Combs. The broadcast also honored the best and hottest movie moments and gave out golden popcorn statues to Hollywood’s hottest and hippest BeyonceAli Lauter and Sandra Bullock. But this year will also be remembered for its memorable musical performances, hilarious taped segments and this year’s host, Aziz Ansari who brought his mostess to the gig. 


5. Katy Perry’s Performance of California Girl featuring Snoop Dogg—The song was good and Katy Perry’s outfit was cute, but Snoop is always the man whether he’s rolling with Larry King, coaching little league football or dueting with pop’s favorite It girl.

4.The Hangover Song and Dance Routine—The Office’s Ed Helms performing a song parody of The Hangover movie plot? Funny. The Hangover’s half naked Ken Jeong performing an interpretative dance to it? Priceless. 


3. Aziz Ansari’s Oscaresque Show Open—Sure he borrowed the bit from Oscar host alum Billy Crystal, but Ansari gets major props for turning two of last year’s biggest dramatic movies on their tearjerking butts (The Blind Side and Precious)  by inserting himself in them and making them funny. 


2. Tom Cruise/Jaden Smith/Will Smith Show Open—Cruise reprises Les Grossman, his irately irrational, F-bomb swearing producer character from Tropic Thunder, while Karate KidJaden Smith chops him down to size. And Will? He’s just cheering Jaden on. Trust me, it is funnier to watch than to read. 


1. TC’s “Les Grossman” and J.Lo’s Dance Duet—First Cruise as Les Grossman busted a move with a team of dancers and Ludacris on a jumbo screen. Then, Jennifer Lopez came out and joined him in a choreographed routine reminiscent of her ‘Jenny From the Block Days’. It was definitely the WTH? moment of the night, but truly unforgettable.

—Ronke Idowu Reeves


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