Tweets Is Talking: Celebrities Respond to Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’ Leak


It’s finally here. After months of anticipation, Drake’s debut album, Thank Me Later, finally leaked to the Internets yesterday—two weeks before its planned June 15 release date. The response? All depends on who you ask. Some folks praised Drake for taking chances on the album, while others criticized him for relying a little too heavily on his R&B tendencies. One thing is for sure, though: Everyone seems to have an opinion on it.

We spent some time looking through our Twitter feed to gather reactions from different rappers, athletes and musical tastemakers to try and get a consensus on the album’s leak. But opinions still seem to be all over the place. Check them out and then leave us a comment to let us know what you think about the album so far. —Chris Yuscavage


@drakkardnoir I gave away free music for years so we’re good over here…just allow it to be the soundtrack to your summer and ENJOY! JUNE 15th!

NBA Player Brandon Jennings:

@YUNGBUCK3 Not really feelin Drake album, right now!!!! Maybe I need to listen to it more.

Rapper Joe Budden:

@mousebudden So far gone >>>>>>> Thank me later…By far. 

Rapper N.O.R.E.:

@noreaga This my 1st time listening to hov verse on drake joint that shit krazy!!!

Rapper Big Pooh:

@RapperBigPooh assessment of Drake album: women/girls will love it, men will say they don’t fuck wit it cause he aint going in but will know every joint

NBA Player Kevin Durant:

@KDthunderup I don’t see how people say Drake is wack man..he is the truth!!

DJ Mick Boogie:

@MickBoogie i gotta say…i really like this drake album. i really do.

Rapper Phonte:

@phontigallo Damn, y’all bootleggin the hell outta my man Drizzy’s album. In today’s climate he shoulda called it “Buy Me Later.”

Producer Chase N. Cashe:

@ChaseNCash Fuck all leakers of Drake album swallow a enflamed penis. #pausegasol

Rapper Crooked-I:

@TheRealCrookedI Heard enuff..I’ll cop it..Big month for hip hop..#Okbye

Rapper Game:

@ihategame RT @YUNGBUCK3 Not really feelin Drake album, right now!!!! Maybe I need to listen to it more. (“Cmon Son” ed lover voice…Give em a chance)