Twitter Weighs In: Did Kat Stacks Deserve To Be Slapped?

Kat Stacks became the most hated groupie on the Internet by talking recklessly about her alleged romps with rappers like Bow Wow, members of Young Money among many others. However, when two men—one claiming to be affiliated with Fabolous—slapped her up in an Atlanta bar, Kat Stacks may have gotten something she didn’t previously have: sympathy from people who don’t approve of men hitting women.

VIBE took to Twitter and asked: Were the guys who slapped Kat Stacks wrong or did she get her karmic retribution? —Starrene Rhett

@GenoBaby both… they were wrong and she deserved it.

@Lena Yes dudes were wrong! Kat was foul but no one deserves to get slapped by a BUNCH of dudes!

@SilentKnightter Very wrong. She is pretty disgusting….but it’s honestly sad. People are sayin “good for her” gtfoh…You can’t pick and choose when it’s ok and not ok to hit a woman. They were manhandlin her sayin “apologize bitch”..smh. 2 wrongs. Both disgusting. And reinforces negative behavior all around. Ppl dont wanna look at the core of problems.

@shesgot2haveit the dudes who assaulted her were wrong and she didn’t deserve it, no matter how big a hoe/groupie she is, she’s simply speaking her mind, a right we all have. Don’t want her airing you out? Then don’t let her near your circle. It’s that simple.

@AlejandroDaGr8 Kat Stacks is a deeply troubled woman whose self-worth is attached to her twitter follower count. Violence won’t change that.

@CheWithBlingOn nah she didn’t deserve to get smacked up.

@TopDraftPick she def deserved to get slapped up. They shoulda just got girls to do it tho.

@M0NSTERAva um, a man should never smack a woman but… Kat Stacks aint a woman. They SHOULDA got a female, but i don’t think its a big deal that a man did it.

@MrQ45 The dudes were wrong for it. She didn’t do anything to them directly. All she said was words. No need for the physical.

@Joydaily I dont promote wife beaters but she is a child who should be disciplined. The slap was mild, she needs a REAL ass Beating!

@CambridgeCEOCOO a man should NEVER hit a woman unless he is defending himself.

@EverythingBlaxx They were wrong but she had it coming.

@DaiKatamyIsBLK both. she deserved it but not from no man.

@q_salazar Wrong. You don’t hit women. Get chicks to do it. Video is suspect though. Looks like it was staged. Bad acting.

@AndreasHale You KNOW they were dead wrong for laying hands on her. No matter what she did. That’s some hoe ish.

ChantalBorgella heck effin yeah they’re wrong. Men are too emotional. Next time, stop thinking about sex and get to know a female.

@IamShardonay no matter what, a man who hits a woman is bitch made. so yes i think they were dead wrong.