V Exclusive: Bow Wow On Kat Stacks Beat Down: ‘Do I Look Like The Kind Of N***a [With] Goons?’

Groupies are a rapper’s best friend… not.

Since February, babbling Venezuelan vixen Kat Stacks has taken to any mic in reach to air the dirty details of her alleged sexcapades with rappers such as Nelly, Mack Maine, Fabolous and Bow Wow. A mini Karrine Steffans, Stacks even created a blog (www.katstacks.com) to further exploit her all-expense-paid trysts with hip-hop’s big names.

But what goes up, must come down (no pun).

On Friday (May 28), grainy footage of Stacks getting repeatedly smacked in the face by two men in an Atlanta bar surfaced on the web. The thugs demanded an apology on behalf of both Fab and Bow, raising suspicion that one of the two MCs strategized the attack.

Bow Wow’s reaction? “That’s not even my character. Come on now, I make songs for girls. Do I look like the kind of nigga that has goons? That doesn’t even make sense,” he tells VIBE. “If I don’t react to a situation that means I’m not even thinking about it. I let everybody on Twitter talk, but I don’t know nothing. That’s real talk. I don’t condone what she does, but at the same time I have better things to do.”

Following Stacks assault, Fabolous tweeted the retort, “Why would I SEND a DUDE to smack a GIRL?? But I know who sent someone to smack her… KARMA!! #realshit”

“When people mention Stacks to me, I’m either thinking money or pancakes. That’s the only stacks I know.”

Bow somewhat agrees, “If you do something wrong, I guess it will come back. Shit, that’s on her though.”

Furthermore, Cash Money’s new 23-year-old signee says that despite the sex Stacks continually claims she had with him, he has no idea who the Internet jezebel is.

“Everything [she claimed about us] was lies. I really don’t know her. When people mention Stacks to me, I’m either thinking money or pancakes. That’s the only stacks I know.”

Bow guesses that the two male attackers were probably stans and when asked what counsel he’d give the young groupie to avoid any further drama, he replied: “It seems like people give her advice, but she doesn’t take it. You can’t help people that don’t want to change. Therefore, I have no advice for her. I let God deal with people like that.”

After the months Stacks spent blasting her sexmates, it’s safe to say Bow has paused his playtime with groupies. “I do me. I play Xbox, I go to the studio, I make movies. Don’t associate me with [groupies].”

Bow Wow is currently prepping for his 2011 debut on Cash Money. His first single, “Cuff Your Chick” features Fabolous and Drake. —Tracy Garraud