VIBE.Com Guest Editor La La Talks Nicki/Kim Beef, Wedding Plans, And Carmelo Vs. LeBron

La La Vazquez is more than just a soon-to-be basketball wife. We caught up with our girly guest editor for the good word on her beef-broiling friend Lil Kim, advice to celebrity couples and the scoop on Lebron’s big decision


Interview by: Tracy Garraud

VIBE: Our Editor in Chief, tells us you’re a big Nicki Minaj fan…
La La Vazquez: I am a fan, I like her music, I like what’s she doing. I know everyone has an opinion, but I think at some time or another, everything in life reinvents itself at some time. So what’s she’s doing is awesome. There’s a joke though, because usually I’m on Twitter and I’ll say ‘Blasting the new Nicki Minaj.’ And then my cousin says something like ‘Yo, you’re doing all that and this chick’s not even following you.’ So she puts on Twitter, ‘Don’t you think it’s messed up that [Nicki Minaj] is not following [La La] and then they started a trending topic that was #NickiMinajFollowLaLa. So then I’m feeling like a lame groupie and the next day she starts following me, like ‘Oh my God, I didn’t know it was trending topic, I love you La La.’ And it was just the funniest thing now. We actually became friends off that whole thing. It’s funny because I was like ‘Wait, is this what a girl crush feels like?!’

Did you DM her after this?
I’ll leave it at [laughs]. We talked after that and just thought it was really funny.

How do you feel about Lil Kim taking shots at her?
I’m not in a position to comment on that because I don’t know the history or stories. I’m fans of both their music, what Kim did in the game can never be replaced and I think Nicki is doing her thing. There’s enough room for everybody. Good music, good artists, they don’t come often now so when you get them you have to embrace them and hold on to them. If they could put their differences aside and [do a song] can you imagine how ill that would be?

In your opinion, do you think Nicki should defend herself?
I don’t think something like that should be responded in a public forum. Whatever needs to be discussed can be handled amongst themselves. It’s not necessarily something that has to be played in the public. Because whatever issues are there, obviously none of us know about it any way. I love Kim. Kim’s actually a friend and she’s awesome. Whatever differences they have, I just hope they can work out.

You’re good friends with Ciara, do you think BET was justified in banning her video?
It definitely was sexy, but I enjoyed seeing her with her stretch pants and shirt and really getting down and dirty. I think people wanted to see that from her. I didn’t think it should’ve been banned. I’ve seen a lot of stuff on BET that’s a lot worse, but I know they’re working on rectifying the situation.

How do you feel about folks saying it’s weird that you, Ciara and Kim Kardashian hang out together?