What Michael Jackson Meant To Me (Pg. 2)

MARSHA AMBROSIUS (R&B singer, songwriter who co-wrote Jackson’s 2001 hit “Butterflies”)

“MJ means the pinnacle of stardom!  There’ll be none greater than him.I don’t think it’s possible in this day and time. You’re left only tobe compared to [him] and measured by that standard.  He his acknowledged as The King of Pop!  And ALWAYS will be :).”

MICHAEL BEARDEN (Keyboardist and musical director for Jackson’s This It It concerts and The George Lopez Show)

“We will never see another Michael Jackson. I was one of the last ones to see MJ that night before he died. He and I and Kenny Ortega were looking at elements of the tour and the films we were creating as well as the lighting and video elements. Then that night we hit the stage and MJ was on fire. He was dancing and singing just on point looking back at me as if to say, ‘Yeah, I’m Michael Jackson. I can do this!’ So when we left, we parked in the same area and his security team’s car was blocking my car. I couldn’t get out and I had to wait for him. So when he finally came out, I’m laughing because I’m tired and its like 12:30 at night. And I told him, ‘Man, you looked great tonight,’ and he was like, ‘I felt great Bearden…God bless you.’ That’s how I will always remember Michael Jackson.”

NE-YO (R&B singer, songwriter; wrote songs for Jackson)

“Michael Jackson is the reason that half the people who are doing R&B are even doing R&B or dancing. A person will never get the notoriety they deserve until they are not here anymore. And that’s a shame because Michael deserved better. He’s gone. But I feel like his essence and spirit will live on through melody forever.”

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