1. Remind Us Why We Still Care

Can Lauryn Hill once again reach the commercial heights of Miseducation? Maybe not. But she can still show the world why she matters. “She still has it,” says Chace, who witnessed her energetic set at the Harmony Festival. “The sense I got was that she was in control of everything from the band to her soundman. In terms of her abilities and having that strong voice where she can just sing out and then just spit effortlessly, that was all there.”

Reid takes praise of Hill a step further. “She could out freestyle most MC’s but she still had this ability to touch your soul the same way Mary J. Blige did on My Life,” he says. “Since then, we haven’t really heard an artist singing and the rapping at such an ultimate level. Drake is an amazing artist; I love what he does as a rapper and as a singer. But Lauryn didn’t just hit a homerun with her singing and rhyming…she hit a grand slam. She stole our hearts. This is why people are still waiting patiently for her to drop another album even after a decade.”

B. Scott, however, takes a more measured view of the speculation surrounding Hill’s return. “To be honest, we get caught up in Lauryn making some huge, grand comeback. I just want to hear some music. But if she never releases another album again, she will still go down as one of the greatest artist of her era. Not many prople could say that.”



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