10 Rappers Accused of Stealing Songs (Pg. 3)

The Mainstream Song: “Lollipop,” from Lil Wayne’s 2008 album, Tha Carter III

The “Stolen” Song: “Grindin’ Like A Goon,” by Philadelphia rapper Dirahn Gilliams

The Case: Just a few weeks after Jim Jonsin—the producer of “Lollipop”—sued Weezy and claimed that he hadn’t been paid for his work, Gilliams filed a suit in early May 2010 alleging that his 2007 song was the inspiration for Wayne’s hit single.

The Evidence: There’s not much. We couldn’t track down a link to the song to compare it to “Lollipop” so, outside of an ASCAP number that confirms the existence of it, it’s hard to say whether the song was really jacked or not. But for what it’s worth, Gilliams does claim he sent the song to several industry insiders, including Jim Jonsin, back in ’07.

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