10 Rappers Accused of Stealing Songs (Pg. 8)

The Mainstream Song: “Surviving The Times,” from Nas’s 2007 album, Greatest Hits

The “Stolen” Song: “As The Art Fades Away,” by Baltimore rapper Wordsmith

The Case: Wordsmith did an interview with HipHopDX in late 2007 claiming that Nas’s song sounded a lot like his and that the song’s producer (and NBA star) Chris Webber had heard some of Wordsmith’s music just before working with Nas.

The Evidence: To clear things up, HipHopDX conducted a conference call with Wordsmith and Nas’s A&R. During the course of the call, it was determined that while the sample used on both songs was the same, the similarities ended there. Wordsmith also threw out the idea of doing a collaboration with Nas to clear up the confusion—but the A&R dismissed the idea as a publicity stunt and Wordsmith agreed to retract his statement.

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