11 Unpatriotic Rap Songs (Pg. 2)

Public Enemy, “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos”

On PE’s classic sophomore album, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, Chuck D tells the tale of a guy who gets drafted and refuses to serve his country. He’s then taken to prison and has to make a dramatic escape to try and regain his livelihood.




Nas, feat. Millenium Thug, “My Country”

Through the eyes of a convicted felon, Nas relays the story of a man sent away to prison. He feels like his country never had his back and always wanted to get rid of him somehow.




DJ Green Lantern, feat. Saigon, M-1, Just Blaze and Immortal Technique, “Impeach The President”

“Corporate larceny, tax cuts, that’s how you started/Twelve IQ points from bein’ f*ckin’ retarded,” Immortal Technique raps on his scathing verse. And that’s just a taste of how hard these three MCs (and Just Blaze) brought it to George W. Bush on this joint.


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