11 Unpatriotic Rap Songs (Pg. 4)

Lil Wayne, “Georgia Bush”

Using the same Ray Charles sample that Field Mob used on their song, “Georgia,” Weezy addressed the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on this one and called out Dubya for failing to do more in the face of a disaster.




dead prez, “Know Your Enemy”

At a time when most Americans were afraid of terrorist attacks, dead prez’s M-1 and stic.man used this anti-American anthem to raise red flags about the terrorist attacks coming from within. Specifically, they called out the President, the FBI, the CIA and American politicians.





Kanye West, feat. Game, “Crack Music”

From the crack epidemic to anthrax, ‘Ye and Game hit home on a number of different issues plaguing the United States and took issue with the way African-Americans have been treated in this country for years.


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