2. Re-Claim Your Crown As The GOAT Female MC

Beyond the pervasive Nicki Minaj, success for female rappers in 2010 is as likely as Rush Limbaugh being invited to an NAACP dinner reception. “It doesn’t seem to be a very hospitable environment for women in hip-hop right now,” says Chace. “Nicki is kind of out there on her own. She has to do a million things for everybody just because she’s the only one on the charts.”

Which is why a Lauryn Hill comeback would be a welcomed sight. Reid still marvels at her impact and lasting influence. “A lot of people just off of The Score and Miseducation say she’s the greatest female MC of all time,” he says. “That speaks to her exceptional talent. She was rhyming with the proficiency of a Jay-Z. When you heard her rhyme “Funny how money changes situation” that was straight New Jersey brashness…straight B-girl. Much like MC Lyte, at a certain point we didn’t look at Lauryn just as a female MC. We looked at her as being super dope.”

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