3. Dial Down The Crazy

For years the tales of Lauryn Hill’s daft behavior have made the rounds ranging from the curious (she reportedly requires friends, family, and band members to refer to her as Ms. Hill) to the bat shit insane (In 2004 she charged fans $15 for her pay-per-view music video “Social Drugs,” which expired after only three viewings). “I was told not to touch Lauryn or look her in the eye,” says Chace of Hill’s eccentric mystique. “People who I interviewed would say, ‘Oh yeah, my friend played in her band and they said that she only talked to them through Post It notes [laughs].’ Even the people at the [Harmony] festival were like, ‘Remember, don’t look at her.’” But, maybe Lauryn has finally come back down to earth. “When I got into the car next to her she was totally normal,” describes Chace of her meeting with Hill. “I don’t know where all of that talk came from. Maybe she is crazy, but that wasn’t my impression during the time I was with her.” 


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