4. Tap Into Your Gay Fanbase

As Beyoncé has exhibited with her too-fabulous Sasha Fierce alias, the alternative lifestyle market should not be ignored. Lauryn was one of the rare acts, who at her height, boasted both a faithful gay and straight following. While we are not suggesting that L Boogie goes all Lady Gaga on us, she should take advantage of her diverse demographic of fans. B. Scott believes it all starts with Lauryn being Lauryn. “I don’t know how she could specifically reach out to the gay community, except to continue to be true to her,” he explains. “That is a message that a lot of the LBGT community can relate to because we do us. Everyday I’m a minority because I’m an African-American and a LBGT person, and that’s a lot to deal with. I think the reason why Lauryn has such a strong LBGT following is because she comes across as a person that is doing her no matter what anyone says. She left the music industry behind to have five kids when most artists would have capitalized on their fame and success. That’s a statement in itself.”

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