6 Qualities Kanye’s Next Wifey Must Have (Pg. 7)

6) And A Nice, Large, Juicy Pair Of…. Oh, Come On!

We’re really doing our best to keep this post PG, but damn! When we look at Shay, we can’t help but think that it looks like Kanye took three or four of the chicks from the “Best I Ever Had” video, mushed them together and… Well, you do the math. And if 30JJ is your final answer, then you get an A on this test. ‘Cause you definitely know what ‘Ye is looking for from his main squeeze right now.


Are there any other similarities you can think of between Shay UK Bombshell and Kanye’s past girlfriends? Do you think ‘Ye and Shay make a cute couple? Are you tired of hearing about Kanye’s leading ladies? Speak your piece below.

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