6. Stop Taking Fashion Cues From George Clinton

Since 2007, Lauryn has looked like she just stepped out of the glorious P-Funk Mothership circa 1976. While we more than understand her rationale for resembling a Kabuki actor (In past interviews the jaded talent dismissed her pin-up worthy Miseducation-era image as a product of music industry manipulation) her over-the-top fashion choices have needlessly overshadowed her otherwise stripped down music. “She has to let the music do the talking and downplay some of the questionable visuals that we have been getting from her,” offers B. Scott. “It’s good to explore fashion, but I think people get too caught up in what artists are wearing. I would love to see Lauryn return to a more natural, less forced look because there’s nothing about her that is contrived or gimmicky. Lauryn can come out in some jeans, T-shirt and a [baseball] cap on. I just want to hear that voice.”



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