The 7 Illest Bank Heist Films (Pg. 8)

1. Heat

 Michael Mann’s cinematic opus runs nearly runs three hours long but is worth every artistic stroke in each frame. Starring the two ‘Godfathers’ of the modern acting world, Al Pacino (this time on the right side of the law) as the cop and Robert DeNiro as the robber it’s hard to know who to root for and they’re each so damn good in Heat, you often end up rooting for them both. (Historically, it also marks the first time the two ever appeared together in a scene on film.) The third bank heist film on our list based on a true story, Heat also features a dynamite costarring cast including Val Kilmer, Tom Sizemore, Mykelti Williamson, Jon Voight and Dennis Haybert. The film’s highlight is its bombastic bank robbery sequence of operatic proportions. It’s a high-octane celluloid adrenaline rush that leaves audiences with dry mouth and heart palpitations from merely viewing it.

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