9 Twitter FAILs @KanyeWest Can Learn From (Pg. 8)

The Celebrity: Mike Tyson

The Infraction: The champ is here! At least, that’s what we thought when we heard Iron Mike joined Twitter in June. But since then, it’s become pretty clear that Tyson’s foray into the tweets is more about pushing the iPhone app he’s got and less about letting us inside his world. He disappears for days at a time, promotes magazines he’s appearing in and randomly retweets people shouting him out. Can we get a little more, champ? (like, maybe, an explanation about the photo above?!)

Lesson Learned: Avoid self-promoting at every turn, retweeting things that promote you and taking days off at a time from Twitter only to reemerge later to—you guesed it—promote yourself some more! In other words, if you’re committing to Twitter, do it all the way! Otherwise, we will “Unfollow.”

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