9 Twitter FAILs @KanyeWest Can Learn From (Pg. 9)

The Celebrity: Britney Spears

The Infraction: First off, we highly doubt Brit’s tweeting herself. The tweets sound a little too polished. But the real crime here is that of the 5.4 million people “following” Britney on Twitter, she’s following more than 415,000 of them back—a clear sign that her Twitter page is pretty much for promotional purposes only.

Lesson Learned: Follow someone on Twitter—but not everyone. Your “following” total should never be higher than your “followers” total. And if you’re a celebrity, it should be approximately 0.00003 percent of your total followers. So, ‘Ye, make sure you follow big brother Jay-Z, Oprah and Bill Gates just to floss and show you’re in this for more than just yourself. But don’t follow everyone, either.

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