America’s Nightmare: 11 Most Unpatriotic Rap Songs

Break out the hot dogs, grab a cold one and enjoy the fireworks (no Drake). It’s officially Fourth of July weekend in the United States—a time to reflect back on the history of the country, celebrate its independence and, of course, take a little time to enjoy the summertime outside of your place of work.

But truth be told, not everyone is happy with the way things are going in America. Over the course of time, rappers in particular have lined up to use their lyrics to take shots at the U.S. government and the unjust things that go down in this country everyday. To prove the point—and to honor the Fourth by celebrating our right to freedom of speech—we gathered 11 of the most memorable unpatriotic rap songs in American history. Try popping one or two into your iPod to keep your BBQ going this holiday weekend.—Chris Yuscavage