Blogger’s Circle: Can Lauryn Hill Pull A Sade?

Lauryn Hill is still on everyone’s minds. We’re still waiting. Still holding out hope…. some of us. When we found out L Boogie would be headlining this year’s Rock the Bells festival (Aug. 28), we couldn’t hide our excitement. Sightings of the rapper/singer have been rarer than, sightings of D’Angelo. While Sade and Maxwell were both able to recapture their glory and hold their audiences captive after long hiatuses, they also didn’t go into hiding after dropping a classic debut (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill). VIBE called on a few bloggers to tell us whether Ms. Hill still has a chance.

   CHUCK CREEKMUR (AllHipHop): Lauryn Hill can absolutely make a comeback. I hope she will and, if she does, it will be epic. Lauryn’s music has always struck a chord with fans in their heart and emotional connections are the ones that keep us wishing, hoping and praying that certain artists return. I feel a return by L-Boogie is a paradime shift for popular music.

TRENT (That Grape Juice)There is no doubt in my mind that Lauryn Hill can launch a successful comeback. She has one of the most recognisable voices in music and combined with her talent as a lyricist, she is undeniably in a league of her own. With artists such as Drake, Jazmine Sullivan and Alicia Keys clearly drawing inspiration from her work, I am certain that almost everyone would be excited to hear what the original L-Boogie has to offer. All Hill has to do is open her mouth and let her genius flow.

MEKA (2 Dope Boyz): If one Robert Sylvester Kelly can allegedly wife up Aaliyah when she was 15, have a sextape that allegedly shows him introducing his urinal waste to Sparkle’s teenage neice’s face leaked to the public, act out of pocket during a concert tour with Jay-Z, successfully fight off a child pornography case so wild that it would have made Fleece Johnson blush and still be regarded as one of the greatest voices of our generation, than what’s a little “crazy” gonna do to Lauryn Hill?

JAY CASTEEL (Ballerstatus): I think a Lauryn Hill comeback would be a breath of fresh air from the redundant music you hear on the radio these days. Everybody is doing the same thing, outside of a few original artist. With her unique style and talent, I think Ms. Hill can definitely make some noise with the release of some new music. “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” is considered a classic today, and people have been waiting for a follow-up for years now. While it may be a little tough to crank out a single to draw in the younger audience right away, I think talent usually shines through. It just may take a minute for Hill to get her footing back and really get her feet wet in this much different musical landscape.






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