Bu Thiam’s A&R Chronicles: Akon Submits Tracks For Rihanna’s Album

What’s goin’ on world! I hope y’all didn’t think I forgot about you. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ve been in L.A. working hard and had a lot of important meetings while I was out there. I had a great meeting with the incredible Makeba Riddick. She’s a great songwriter and vocal, produced most of Rihanna’s records. We went over her schedule and availability, so we can get moving on the new album. She has written on all of Rihanna’s albums so we know we need her for the masterpiece we’re working on now.

Of course I had some fun in L.A. too, at the BET and ASCAP awards, and at my man Jeezy’s video shoot. He shot the video for “All White Everything” out there so be on the lookout for that, it’s crazy! But I’m glad to be home now. I had some other wonderful writers going in with producers Mel & Mus in ATL while I was gone, so I had some great work to come back to. My artist, Cyhi Da Prynce has been putting in major work as well, so I’ve been in meetings all week with my team for the release of his first official single. If you live in Atlanta be on the lookout soon for Cyhi Da Prynce EVERYWHERE!

And we have something even more major for the world! These past couples of weeks have been about building. As an A&R and CEO there’s a lot to juggle and sometimes you have to step back and make sure there’s order everywhere, especially “in-house.” I always find time to have meetings with my artists and of course my team. They are me when I can’t be there, and I have a lot of trust in them. We’re on the lookout right now for some new talent, too. My team and I have been at a lot of showcases in Atlanta recently so if you’re the next big thing make sure you’re in the streets!

As I’m writing this blog I’m on my way to meet with Rihanna’s team and play some of the new songs Akon did this week especially for her. There is one record that I am specifically excited about penned by Priscilla Renae and producers Mel and Mus. I’m really determined and focused on this album with Rihanna. She and L.A. Reid are really counting on me to bring in the records. And like always, I will deliver. So with that being said see you guys next week or you can follow me every day on twitter @BuKonvict. All praises due… Let’s Work!


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