Car Stereo: 10 Automobile Anthems Rappers Should Make

Rick Ross is really gonna ride this “Maybach Music” thing until it’s on E, huh? After recording the original “Maybach Music,” featuring Jay-Z, in 2008 and “Maybach Music 2,” featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and T-Pain, in 2009, the Boss is back with “Maybach Music 3,” featuring T.I., Jadakiss and Erykah Badu, on his new album, Teflon Don. Plus, the Miami MC has another track from the album that just leaked called “Aston Martin Music,” which proves once and for all that Ross’s car collection is one of his biggest sources of inspiration when it comes time to record music.

And that got us to thinking: If naming songs after cars is working for Rick Ross, why haven’t other rappers started doing it, too? At best, they might able to produce a hit song like Ross. At worst, they might be able to get an endorsement deal (or, at the very least, a free car rental?) for their efforts. To help them out, we came up with 10 potential song titles that incorporate the names of a current car models and a bunch of rappers who would sound right at home rapping on them. Get behind the wheel and take ‘em for a spin. —Chris Yuscavage