Definition Of A Dime: 6 Qualities Kanye’s Next Wifey Must Have

Less than a year after his much-publicized publicity stunt-gone-wrong at the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards, things are finally starting to look up again for Kanye West. The Chi-Town rapper has a new video that’s about to drop any day now (aaaany day now, ‘Ye!), a new album on the way and, most recently, a new chick on his arm. Last week, a photo of Kanye canoodling with British model Shay UK Bombshell (above) started making the rounds on the ‘net. And though there’s been no official confirmation on their relationship, it’s probably safe to say Shay’s more than just a friend.

Whether she is or not, looking at Shay’s shots (We’ve compiled them all here, folks!) got us to thinking: Doesn’t ‘Ye definitely have a “type”? From Alexis Phifer to Brooke Crittendon to Amber Rose and now Shay UK Bombshell, dude’s got a pretty specific wish list when it comes to selecting a leading lady. To show you what we mean, we put together a list of the six specific traits a girl looking to score brownie points with ‘Ye has to have. Click through to see what they are. —Chris Yuscavage