Far East Movement Drop Backpack For Techno And Talk Asian Women Allure (Pg. 2)

That includes being handpicked by Lady Gaga as the opening act on her Japanese tour…

Prohgress: Yeah man, we were just blessed to be a part of that tour. Just being able to watch her prepare and perform was a learning experience. She’s really is a perfectionist and makes sure everything aspect of her live show is the way she wants it. I mean it came to a point where the crowd got so involved that you forgot you were in Japan. The same fans that can’t speak a one of English were singing along word for word.

Since releasing your first mixtape in ’05, FM’s sound progressed from a more traditional style of rap, to a dance/techno style, what motivated you guys to change up the formula?

Kevnish: I’d have to say touring really opened our ears up. Our core will always be Hip-Hop, but as we started performing at all these clubs around the world… Amsterdam, Japan, and all through the states, we started dropping our old rhymes over more up-tempo, club beats and the same songs that would get just an okay reaction back in the day were now making the club go nuts. We were spitting the same exact lyrics mind you. And now we basically live on the road.


“There are definitely no color lines—girls just love club music. As soon as they hit the dance floor they all get wild” —Kevnish


What do you guys miss most about LA when you’re out on tour?

Prohgress: Definitely, tacos! [laughs] We were born and raised in LA, so we grew up on Mexcian food. Man, there’s just something about the way they make em’ here. Literally, our mouths start watering whenever we get on the plane back to LA. You got to go King Taco/El Taurino.

What about the women, they say Cali has the best-looking girls. What kind of females gets the wildest to your records?

Kevnish: Honestly, I don’t notice a difference in race, they all come with the bounciness [laughs] No color lines! There are definitely no color lines—girls just love club music as soon as they hit the dance floor they all get wild. With our record “Girls On The Dancefloor,” I’ve seen every type of girl lose their mind when they hear it.

Well than maybe you guys can answer this for me. Why do all my non-Asian friends always ask me to hook them up with an “Asian chick”?

Prohgress: To tell you the truth I will not complain about the popularity of Asian women. Everybody loves an Asian girl, I’ll just be proud of that. [laughs]

Kevnish: It’s all about the moment… I’ve experienced different things. We’ve performed in Latino clubs and had Asian dudes asking us to hook them up with a Spanish girl. We all want something different sometimes. [laughs]

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