Ford’s Inspired by Color winner Esosa Edosomwan shares her experience at BET Awards

It’s 5:45 am, June 27th, 2010 and I’m up like a bolt of lighting because I am still on east coast time. I could barely sleep last night. Not even because of the flexirods holding my curls together, (anybody whose slept with a head full of rollers knows it’s tougher than Sleeping with a Broken Heart) but more so because of anticipation. O.M.G. I really am going to the B.E.T. Awards! In this moment, I am just glad I’m alive and on my way. A couple days before I happened to be in a car accident that left me with whiplash, so my neck is still sore. I roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to wash off my bentonite clay mask. While removing the rollers from my dread-hawk (my term for a Mohawk in dreadlocked hair) I call out to my younger sister who is tagging along so she can have her last hoorah before starting law school in the fall. She’s still knocked out but starts to stir, and responds with a murmur. We head out to grab some juice and coffee, and come back to our room so she can start to get ready. Thankfully, my curls are holding up, so there’s nothing much left for me to do but wait for my makeup appointment.

A friend who knows all to well my penchant for raw fruit and veggies calls and offers to take me to a farmers market nearby. We drive over, and I get to sip on some young Thai coconut water while listening to some quirky artists, including the self-professed Japanese Bob Dylan who sings with intensity and plays harmonica and guitar. I grab some fresh cherries and plums for my sister and head back to the hotel just in time for makeup. My dress is inspired by several of the funky colors of the Ford Fiesta, so I don’t want too much additional color on my face. After consulting with the makeup artist I decide to go for a bright pink lip, which matches my nail polish, and understated eyes. My sister gets her makeup done, while I start to get dressed. We now have only about thirty minutes until it’s time to go!

It’s ten minutes until the car is supposed to arrive and my sister enters the room looking fabulous, makeup done. After a bit of rushing we find ourselves dressed and in the lobby. Our lovely escort takes us through the back hotel entrance where a limo is waiting. The driver, who is wowed by our looks, insists that he snaps some shots of us with our camera, and we are on the way. My stomach is growling so I pop a handful of sweet candies from the limo in my purse as we arrive. We are quickly shuttled around the red carpet to where the Ford Fiesta is parked, and I pose for some pictures in front of the car. My sister nudges me as she checks out the likes of Cassie, Lauren London, Terrence and Rocsi hosts of 106th &Park, and Laila Ali who are all passing through the red carpet at that moment. I could get used to this!

Finally after a few more celeb sightings, my favorites being Larenz Tate (who is up to my waist or shorter) and Mara Brock Akil, creator/writer of “The Game,” we make our way to our first row balcony seats, which give us a great view of the stage and all the celebs in the front rows. It was cool to see Swiss Beatz nodding his head to performances, and watch Prince catch Patti Labelle’s stiletto. My favorite performances were those of B.O.B., Janella Monae’ s Prince tribute (love her!), and I didn’t mind getting in some El DeBarge either. Then the comeback performances: I was feeling Kanye West, and Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson tribute was amazing. You could almost feel the entire audience holding their breath.

Once the evening was over we were shuttled over to Katana for a much needed meal, which was more like the never-ending buffet. The music was great. The DJ played one danceable Electronica and Hip-Hop tune after another as waiters brought out trays of all kinds of delectable dishes: sushi, grilled chicken and sea bass skewers, seared tuna with cilantro and onions, lamb chops, chicken fried rice, and citrus salad to name a few. Being the hardcore vegan that I am, I was happy with a plate full of the veggie sushi and salad, while my sister gleefully taste tested the plethora of meat dishes. After some good conversation, heading nodding to some tunes, and filling our bellies to the brim, the car arrived to whisk us back to the hotel. In the limo, the whirlwind of the day flashed in my mind, and I felt grateful for a definitively memorable experience.