Full Clip: Big Boi (Pg. 2)

ATLiens (1996)

This is the album where Outkast started getting into the production side of things. There was a lot of experimenting with beats and of course we were still working with Organize Noize. We were on the road two years before ATLiens was released, so we didn’t have a lot of studio time. After the tour, we camped out at a hotel and then jumped back into the Dungeon studio to start work on the album. You could hear the natural progression.

We were serious about our craft and niggas were getting better with expressing themselves. We started to get a little respect from the East and the West Coast. But there was still that little stigma of, ‘Yeah, all those dudes from the south can’t rap, except for Outkast [laughs].’  ATLiens was a darker album. It was harder and represented more so myself and Dre’s style. I think the best moment on there is “Mainstream.” Khujo Goodie and T-Mo [from Goodie Mob] killed it. When I think about this album I always remember wintertime, which was our favorite season to record. We were in this little pod of a basement studio in Atlanta just being absorbed by the music.


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