Full Clip: Big Boi (Pg. 3)

Aquemini (1998)

Aquemini was the last album in which we were in the studio together, all the time. By then we had started mastering our own production. I would start doing things on my own and Dre would start doing things on his own, so we had more to bring to the table. That individuality became more [prominent] on the next album. But you know what was crazy? Shooting that “Rosa Parks” video. It was a family affair because we had everybody out there including Dre’s future father-in-law, pastor Hodo, who played the harmonica.

Then we had our dancers, The Crowd Pleasers, to come out and support. When you have high power music like that, it makes people want to move in different kinds of ways. Just to showcase different styles of Atlanta dancing, we were all about that. We used to do the talent shows at the high schools and dancing was a big part of the whole music culture in Atlanta from the Bankhead Bounce on out. That shit was crunk! To me that’s what hip-hop is all about: dancing, graffiti art, DJing and rhyming. At the same time, we wanted to make sure that our image matched the energy of the music. This is when Dre started experimenting with his clothes. His thing was ‘I want to look like the music.’ He was all about making his look more psychedelic and having fun with it. Style is all about personal preference. We didn’t give a fuck what people were saying about how we dressed.

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