Full Clip: Big Boi (Pg. 7)

Idlewild (2006)


I think some of the criticism that came with Idewild was kind of shallow. Some people just don’t want to see you expand artistically. But what a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that the movie was a period piece, which for one is hard to do. And it was an Outkast album, but they were trying to dub it as a soundtrack. If you go back and listen to that record and if you are an Outkast fan or a true music lover, you are going to love it. We still came out with gems like “Hollywood Divorce” and “Call The Law” with Janelle Monae, which was one of her early introductions.

I remember when I first heard Janelle. She used to sing background for this guy I had signed to the label named Scar. She would be around the studio; just a cute little girl.  For one, her voice was just so angelic. When she sang, she gave me the chills. I’m sitting down with Janelle and her whole crew The Wondaland Arts Society and they are pitching me the whole Arch Android and Cindy Mayweather vision and concept. The whole idea struck me like they knew what they were doing. They were not trying to do what everyone else was doing. I love originality. When I see what Janelle is doing today I’m like a proud big brother. It just lets me know that we have some strong ears over here.


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