Full Clip: Fat Joe (Pg. 2)

Jealous One’s Envy (1995)

When I was getting ready for this album Nas had come out with Illmatic, which was the hottest shit in the game. After listening to his wordplay, I was like, “Yo, I can’t survive with just saying bust it, check it. If I don’t step my lyrics up and I don’t get better lyrically then I won’t be around next year.” And it was a big look to have my idol KRS-One on there (“Bronx Tale”). I’m the official KRS groupie [laughs]; I was in the front row of every show cheering him on. So to actually gain his respect to work with him, that was a huge moment for me. And I had DJ Premier on there (“The Shit Is Real remix;” “Success remix”). Having Preemo on your album is still a big look, even today!



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