Full Clip: Fat Joe (Pg. 4)

Terror Squad the Album (1999)

There was nothing like having Pun in the studio. He’s one of the greatest lyricist hip-hop has ever heard to this day. You have to understand, for me to be noticed was crazy because Pun was such a lyrical giant—such a genius—that for me to even be noticed on records with him was crazy. But years later, when I think of the Terror Squad, I think about the fact that I signed a bunch of guys that were pretty much lazy. It got to the point to where when I was working on music I would have to wait almost a year for a verse from some of these guys. Due to that fact, we really couldn’t be successful. They were talented and hot, but they would really die right now. You see now cats are putting out two albums a year? The Internet is moving so fast that I’m putting out volume 1 of Darkside on Tuesday and they are already asking for Vol. 2 [laughs]. Today, you have to work like James Brown or some shit.

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