Full Clip: Fat Joe (Pg. 6)

Loyalty (2002)

I worked with Cool and Dre on the J.O.S.E. album and that’s when I fell in love with those guys. The world didn’t know how talented they were. I feel like Loyalty is really underrated. When you are talking about real hip-hop I feel like that’s a real hot album. By this time, I was working heavy with Khaled. But I’ve known him since the “Flow Joe” days. I remember being at the Jack The Rapper Convention where I met Khaled, who back then was a skinny, little kid [laughs]. He asked me to sign his 12-inch to “Flow Joe.” From there, he’s always been family. Now you see how hard he goes for Rick Ross and his whole crew.

But when we were recording [Loyalty], Khaled was like how Jamie Foxx was to Will Smith in Ali. I had this young boy Khaled in my ear like, “Yo, let’s go!!!! Fuck that!!!” He put the battery in my back like crazy during that time. We took Khaled up top and got him a deal with E One. They didn’t know him at the time and they had lost money off of that Funk Master Flex project, so they didn’t want to do anymore DJ albums. So I went to them and said, “Listen, man. DJ Khaled is Fat Joe on steroids. You need to fuck with this kid.” Now he’s a president at Def Jam. The rest if history.

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