Full Clip: Fat Joe (Pg. 8)

All Or Nothing (2005)

“This album was pretty much done before that whole [50 Cent beef] started. I had never got into any rap battles, so when it happened with dude I felt like I had to represent who I was and talk to the nigga. I’m from the streets and I like to handle shit the old fashion way where we just fight. But I realized that wasn’t going to happen, so the only way to stop these guys from attacking me was to answer back. I think if I had stayed quiet people would have been like, “Fat Joe is a punk.” The only thing the beef affected was all the press was more about, “Yo, what’s going on with your beef?” rather than the content of my album. It was hard for people to hear [All Or Nothing] without thinking about what was going on with 50.” 

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