Full Clip: Fat Joe (Pg. 9)

Me, Myself & I (2006)

When I started working more with the south, it wasn’t a shot at New York. My thing is this: I came from an era when New York rappers worked together. As I already said, I had Grand Puba in my video. You look at the Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours” video and I’m jumping up and down behind them. When rappers did videos we were all there to support each other. But I felt like the love in New York, the camaraderie between the New York rappers wasn’t there anymore. Meanwhile, I was in Miami with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Khaled and everybody was showing each other major love no matter who was bigger than the other. Everything was getting egotistical in New York and nobody was working with each other. That’s what basically made me go hard with the Miami guys.

Wayne has been my friend for a long time. I wrote “Make It Rain,” the chorus and everything. I was actually rapping the chorus in the beginning. Whenever I record my singles I always take them to Irv Gotti and play them for him. After playing him “Make It Rain” he was like, “This is a hit. But you sounding like you from the south, right there. I don’t know if New York is going to feel that…why don’t you get one of those southern dudes to do it?” That’s when it came to me to get Wayne. I called him in front of Irv, sent him the track, Wayne did it and sent it back to me that same week. You really don’t get that quick turnaround with New York niggas. I love Jadakiss…he’s one of my allies and good friends. But whenever I get him to do a song I have to go to Yonkers [laughs]. By the way…I have to let it be known that “Make It Rain” is 3 million ringtones sold.

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