Full Clip: Raekwon (Pg. 2)

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx (1995)

Around this time, I was just really retiring from the streets. This is when I made the decision, “Yo, you are going to either do one or the other. Do you want to pursue this rap career or do you want to stay out here in the streets with a gun in your pocket?” All I knew how to write about was that kind of street shit because I was still half way in between it. I remember when me and RZA sat down to talk about the album, he knew where I wanted to go. I came to him with the idea about the Wu-Gambinos, which was my mindset at the time. With Cuban Linx, the Wu was going to turn into my version of the mafia. RZA knew that was my chamber. I loved that kind of cinematic, mafia street storytelling. I could not compare myself to a Method Man as far as the chamber he was in. He was the flow MC; captain hook; the energy booster. Ghostface and I were the visual MC’s. We became narrators of the street world. We knew we had a record like “C.R.E.A.M.” that took off huge for us. So I knew that was the direction I wanted to head into for my album.

We figured out a way to combine the karate skits of the first album to the whole mafia, killer drug shit. And Ghostface was the perfect MC to back me up. We had the same kind of elements. We were the more street type of dudes in the crew. We both go back to niggas wearing rings on each finger, rocking the cable ropes, and going to school with high top fades with half moon parts, and loving Polo. But we also knew what it felt like to be in front of store freezing putting in work. Ghost became my muscle man on Cuban Linx. That’s how it is in the streets. You have that one nigga that was good at executing; on some put-that-head-out! 



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