Full Clip: Raekwon (Pg. 3)

Wu-Tang Forever (1997)

There were some huge egos on this album, but truthfully it had always been that way with the Wu since 36 Chambers. This was our second project as a group, so by then we had become stars. Everybody had to bring something to the table and with nine artists on one album there’s bound to be a lot of competition. We were looking at it like who is going to knockout who on the next verse. It was definitely a challenge, but RZA headed up the whole movement. He felt that the Wu-Tang could be a cult, not just a hip-hop group. He was really feeling like I’m leading a crew of MC’s, so everybody had to be catered to in a certain kind of way. When you hear songs like “Reunited” and you hear RZA, GZA and ODB attacking that one and then me and Ghost come on another joint and then Meth come in, you can hear our distinct styles.

I was happy with the album. It was a double album…very mean. This was also the same time when we were doing our first international tour, which was crazy. We were all from the projects. We had never been to places like Australia. We were in a lot of different cities outside the U.S. And the groupies came in all colors [laughs].


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