Full Clip: Raekwon (Pg. 4)

Immobilarity (1999)

At this time there were a lot of Wu projects being made. And everybody in the Clan was going in their own direction. For me, I felt like from watching us do so many things together that I wanted to go out and do something different without having to lean on RZA. He just finished knocking out five to six classic albums. So he always busy with other projects. Meanwhile, I needed to have my product out on the streets. The plan was always when you are dealing with 9 members they all get an opportunity to shine. So if my album was second or third to come out, then I got to let everybody else who didn’t come out get their shine. I had been away for a long time, but when I was getting ready to do my album I found out the RZA wasn’t going to be available to give me 100 percent. I wanted to take on a bigger role. I wanted to try something different and give people an album from my perspective. I was of the frame of mind like, “You know what? Everything doesn’t always have to have RZA on it. As long as it sounds good, that’s great. ” I never put RZA on that pedestal where I felt like I couldn’t move without him. You can’t depend on no man to do what you need to do. I had my own crew, The American Cream Team, which I felt was poppin’. My plan was to put some new dudes on. I wanted to give other brothers the opportunity to shine.

I think about how long we have been in the game and my solo album track record to this point was like come on! I was only two-albums in? Meanwhile, it’s going on six or seven years. I called this album Immobalarity because I had just come from doing the Cuban Linx album which was basically us being street niggas. We made that street shit work, but by now we had matured as dudes. I didn’t think it was a wack album. But if we are just going to sit back and judge something just because one man didn’t produce on the album, that’s not really given an artist his just due. There was a lot of politics involved with the way the album was received. I would get the, “Hey yo, where’s Ghost, where’s RZA?” questions. So that’s something that’s always going to be there. I was just surprised that I could do an album by myself.


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