Full Clip: Raekwon (Pg. 5)

The W (2000)

We were going through a lot. There were personal problems within the family, so we weren’t as tight as we were in the past. By this time, everybody had made their money and had their own lifestyle that they were used to. This was a dark album and period. Dirty was away locked up. We recorded it in a couple of months. To tell you the truth, dudes were not excited about making this album. It was more about displaying our individual talents. We just wanted to make a strong record so we could go back on the road and see the fans again. That was the most important thing.  RZA was the quarterback on this one again, but at that time, some of the members didn’t feel good about that. That’s when we started having disputes. It drove the music in another direction…again, very dark. I love “Hollow Bones.”  You could tell from that song that we were not worried about getting radio airplay [laughs]. We were all about being loyal to the underground.




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