Kerry Washington’s 5 Steamiest Love Scenes

Not only can Kerry Washington act, but she looks damn good doing it. Her latest project, ‘Night Catches Us,’ a Black Panther- era drama with Anthony Mackie, is a favorite at the upcoming New York International Latino Film Festival. In celebration, we’re reflecting on Kerry’s steamiest scenes. Objections? We thought not.

In a film where the story line follows an unemployed man (Mackie) who turns to impregnating lesbians for “work,” it’s pretty hard to pick out the hottest sex scene. However, Kerry and her lover (Dania Ramirez) steal the show with their passionate romp in the kitchen. Some girls just wanna have fun, and we have no problem watching. 


When you’re working for someone as crazy as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, sleeping with his (third) wife isn’t exactly a bright idea. But when said wife is played by Kerry Washington, all sense of logical thinking goes out the window. In the midst of a party in his honor, Amin’s Scottish doctor (played by James McAvoy) sneaks away to get his jungle fever on. Although she gets sliced into pieces for her indiscretion, getting a glimpse of Kerry’s pretty brown mound in action may have been worth the price of admission.




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