Lloyd Banks Answers Twitter’s Relationship Questions, Talks Giving It Up On First Dates

Lloyd Banks spits hardcore lyrics on the mic but he also has insight when it comes to love and relationships. Twitter asked the questions and he gave the answers to three major recurrent themes.

1. @BitchyChick15: How long should a man and woman wait before having sex?

Lloyd Banks: That’s a trick question because it’s always been cool for me to get it but on the flipside to that is that most of the ones that were getting it were getting me anyway. I never really understood that way to go about things [from women] like, “I’m giving it up to you.” What about what I’m giving you? It’s whatever to me, with my mom and pops⎯maybe I might have came from a first-night thing, maybe they were that passionate about it. My whole perspective is if I want you the way I want you and you don’t then I might just go on the next date. It’s so many ways to look at it but I know you’re gonna call me. I feel like I’m gonna give a good enough performance to make you want to hang out with me again. That’s your insecurities if you feel like we’re gonna do it and that’s gonna be it, you’re stopping yourself short. You didn’t even give us a chance to see where it’s gonna go.

2. @ShesLBoogie: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yeah. It hasn’t happened to me but in a certain sense it has because I’ve had people tell me that. The first attraction is the physical attraction and it doesn’t take much to become infatuated with someone. If you go to the supermarket and you see some girl this Friday and she looks good to you and you see her again another Friday wearing another outfit she might look just as good. Now you have an example of something that you like to see. My case is a little different because I’m on TV and magazines so people might have been in love already [but] it’s no different if I see a girl in a magazine⎯same thing⎯she has so many different ways to hook herself up and it just reminds me of certain things I like so it builds the infatuation, so I do believe in love at first sight. Back in the days that’s how it was, my grandmother was with my grandfather ’til he passed away. My grandma was 83-years-old, that’s the way things worked. Now, it feels to me that people are together for a decade if they’re lucky enough and if not maybe for for five years and then a whole new phase starts. That’s how things go now, you’re with somebody for five years and it’s like thank you for the time we had and then it’s like start a new chapter.

3. @Rhapso_DY: Should you be OK for your current boo to still be friends with their ex?

I could understand it to a certain extent but I also understand that when people are scared to go forward they usually go backwards so just know that that would be the first person that he or she considers to go back to. To each is own but I don’t know how that would affect me because I’ve never had a girlfriend. But as far as disrespect, you definitely can’t deal with that. I work too hard and got too many other things going on to be in the mix of all of that. It’s hard to explain that my album didn’t get turned in because I’m going through it so you definitely gotta be on the same level and understand what’s going on. Being naïve and agreeing to disagree is not gonna work. Make sure you’re on the same page.

Lloyd Banks’ sophomore album, Hunger For More 2 drops in September.