A Long Convo With… Rick Ross (Pg. 4)

One of my favorites is: “I’m a photographer’s dream, counting cream as my chain swing/Mac 11 for the things that the days bring.” It’s the truth. For one, it was one of my favorite records, the “Angels” remix, the beat and just the whole feeling of it and it was just a dope fusion. I think that’s what really kicked the door open for me and Diddy to continue to do more business. He was always cool. He always stayed in touch but I think just the time we spent on that video set and the things we talked about, that really opened the doors for a lot of ventures that we’ll be closing in on in the near future.

What have you observed in the rap game in the past year?

It’s always something new and hot coming out. Congratulations to Drake. You made a great contribution to hip-hop, did great numbers. That’s what always keeps you excited. That’s what you always look forward to, something new, someone that’s gon’ come break the ground and at the same time keep your shit lit. That’s what its about.

What are some big things that you plan to work on in the next few months besides the music?

Besides the music, me and F. Gary Gray [director of “Super High”] got a project that we cookin’ up. We’ll be announcing some shit real soon, just got a lot more groundwork to do but it’ll be something over in that [movie] field. I got a clothing situation that I’m trying to wrap up in the next three or four months as well as a liquor endorsement. The Ciroc Boys forever. And it’s just all about building your brand. Whoever starts the strongest usually last the longest.

I saw on Twitter that Erykah Badu dug your “Window Seat” freestyle. Did you speak to her about that?

If you got some hot shit and I wanna fuck with it then that’s what I do, and a lot of times the artist appreciate it, the fans embrace it and that’s what she did. I was appreciative and I was extremely happy that she liked it and I was a huge fan of hers. We actually got on the phone from that point and we discussed doing a video, she would direct it, that was super cool and we shot the video, shit came out incredible. She’s a genius, she’s brilliant and at that point I asked her if she would direct “Maybach Music III” for me and she told me yeah so look for that in the future. I applaud her as an artist just being so hands on from the writing of her music to the producing to the directing so it’s a big deal.

When I spoke to F. Gary Gray he said something like your rhymes are very visual and that as a movie director he can appreciate that. Has he told you that?

Yeah, we discussed that and we talked about my past records that he loved. I had an extremely exclusive listening session in New York. It was just me, Diddy, my partner Gucci Pucci, F. Gary Gray and a few people and I played them some records and when he heard “Tears of Joy” by the time I was on my third or fourth line he just stood up and he crossed his arms and just kinda started rubbing his face like, Wow!

Do you want to stop rapping at some point?

I’ma do it as long as I still love it. As long as I’m still having fun. What’s important is you accomplish what you came to do at the end of the day. I think in everybody life that’s what its all about.

What did you set out to accomplish?

I set out to be a multimillionaire, a boss, a dude that could make moves and that’s what I did. So at this point I’m now really just honing in on all the things that I love and the music gon’ reflect that. I don’t have to resort to the shit that’s the industry standards—Crunk first single. I can do my own first single. I can do my shit on a different vibe. Sexy shit. Go get Stacey Dash, let’s get F. Gary Gray. I can kind of play by my rules and that’s what I set out to accomplish. I wanted to be able to put artists on and release projects and that’s what I’m doing… The emotion that I pour into my music and the feeling, it’s just as authentic as it gets. The struggle to come from nothing and to become a huge mogul in the making. The way I celebrate, the way I party, the shit I talk on records, it’s almost second to none and I feel I’m far from my pinnacle. I’m just really starting to wet my mouth with that pink champagne.


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