A Long Convo With… Soulja Boy Tell’Em (Pg. 4)

Do you see yourself still rapping at age 40?

Age 40, still rapping? Nah, man. I’ma be like a Scarface boss. Super caked the fuck up on a yacht. My son’s going to be a legend, though. He’s going to continue the legacy, but I’ma be somewhere caked up on a resort.

Is that something that you think about right now? Kids and having a family in the future?

Yeah. By 40 I imagine I’ll have a son and his mother will be beautiful and have some goals I can relate to. But I can’t be 40 saying Pretty… Boy… Swag.

Ha! You’ve already let go of the Soulja Boy shades, too.

Aw, man, because I got on my Pretty Boy Swag, man. The girls want to see who’s behind the shades. When I was younger, I used to think of myself like a superhero. Like, when I put the shades and hat on, I turned into Soulja Boy—a whole ’nother person. Once I grew up, I just took ‘em off and all the girls started jockin’ on me. I just never put them back on. [Laughs]

What is the youngest and the oldest you’d date?

The youngest being, what, 18. The oldest, uh, 35. Yeah, that’s good.


“I got a fanbase of kids that goes down as low as 10 years old, all the way up to grown people in their 30s. When the camera was on me, I wasn’t thinking about none of that.”


If you had to have one tattoo removed, which would it be? 

Out of all my tattoos, I’d get the one on my right arm removed. It’s a tattoo of this goon ass nigga with two pistols. Every other tattoo on my body I cherish and got a deep meaning. I don’t know why I got that. [Laughs] It’s fresh, it just don’t got no meaning. I woke up the other day, like, man, there’s a nigga on my arm with two guns.

True. Has there ever an online moment that you regretted afterward?

Smoking on camera. I do regret that. I ain’t really want my fans to see that, because I got a fanbase of kids that goes down as low as 10 years old, all the way up to grown people in their 30s. When the camera was on me, I wasn’t thinking about none of that. And we all make mistakes, as long as you know what your mistake was and you be a man about it, people will forgive you and you can move on.

Has it been difficult accepting the fact that you’re a role model now and you kind of have to watch your actions?

Yeah, I didn’t realize that off top. I do believe that the parents should play a big role in these kids lives but I understand that in some of these kids lives I got more power than their parents. So that’s why I don’t take it to the super extreme. I don’t do no crazy shit. My basic message is to tell these kids be positive, get money, dance a little and have a little fun.

One of your biggest cosigns yet is Lil B. What do you think is his appeal?

Man, because he fuck with your boy. I’m heavy on the Internet, any artist come connect with me on that level, you gon’ break into my fanbase online. If I introduce any artist online and he got something different about him, people are going to automatically mess with him.

He has an unusual approach—he takes shots at himself?

He don’t care, man. He’s sacrificing himself for the game. He’s showing people that niggas can call you all these different types of names, but at the end of the day, niggas is still successful, being positive and getting money. You can call me all kinds of names, sticks and stones and all of that shit, but at the end of the day, where am I?

He had an incident where he got snuffed on camera and the video leaked to the web. Is that kind of action ever a concern for you?

Nah. People try to downplay me and hate and get fame off me, but as far as causing physical harm, I don’t think it’s that serious. People might not like my music, but that’s as far as they take it.



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