A Long Convo with…Terrence J of BET’s 106 & Park (Pg 2)

A lot of frequent flier miles. I’d get out of the BET studios at 8pm, get on a 9 p.m. flight for a weekend in Miami then turn around and come back to NYC in time to do the weekly 106 & Park radio show with Rocsi.

We’ve seen them on TV but what is the Kardashian clan like in real life?

What you see on TV is how they really are; no holds barred. They’re fun, entertaining. They live an exciting lifestyle and there’s a lot of them. They have interesting relationships with each other. All of that makes for good TV.

You had some interesting moments in front of the camera during season one of Kourtney & Khloé. How did you handle seeing yourself drunk, making out and bugging on camera?

With this second season, I tried not to put myself out there that much. After a while during the first season I forge the cameras were there catching everything! This second season as I focus on my career I’ve limited myself to just the radio component. No more clubs, no more kissing, no more drunk nights. That’s behind me. That’s the thing about the media everything is a gift and a curse. Kourtney & Khloé was the highest rated debut on E! because everyone wanted to see the kiss they kept promoting. Did it affect my life? Absolutely. I had a lot of explaining to do.

Explain this new focus on film. You have a role in the new Stomp the Yard 2 and are working on some more film projects. Was this always the plan?

When we came in the game the objective was and still is to become a successful movie star and a multi hypenate. Like Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Nick Cannon you can be a movie star, you can have a TV show and website. My experience at BET is so great cause I’m right in the middle. When I transition to movies I have a built in audience. You plan doesn’t start on top of the world. If my goals is to become a movie star me working at a pizza shop won’t help me. I have to make the stars align.

Tells us about Stomp the Yard 2.

Will Packer the producer of the first Stomp the Yard and I had meeting about doing this project and he signed me on. I auditioned. They didn’t want me just cause I was on BET. I had three sets of auditions and I was fortunate to get the roll. I share the screen with Pooh Hall, Teyana Taylor, Columbus Short. The movie has some exciting incredible dance sequences.  I went to a historically black college and I pledged. During the filming a lot of it hit home. It’s basically about my life. I can really relate to it. There are some incredibly great dance sequences. I get beat up… twice. My character’s name is Ty. I’m the best friend of the lead character. I’m a fighter and I’m from LA.

You are a member of Omega Psi Phi, how has the relationship affected your life?

Being part of a fraternity has given me the foundation for everything I do in my career from the loyalty to the determination; it laid the foundation for everything I’ve been able to enjoy. I’m heavily involved with Omega Psi Phi. In addition to doing community outreach projects there I am the ambassador for the McDonald’s American American Scholarship program. Every winter I go around the country and talk to young kids about their goals. I don’t take for granted that I’m in the home of 15 million kids a day.

This September marks the 10 year anniversary of 106 & Park. How do feel being part of a show that changed the face of BET in addition to surpassing MTV’s TRL in ratings?