For The Love Of Money: The 10 Biggest Celebrity Sellout Moves

Say hello to my little… cup of coffee? Apparently, the recession has been hitting everyone’s pockets pretty hard. For the first time ever, Al Pacino—hip-hop’s favorite gangster actor—is using his name to endorse Australian coffee company Vittoria Coffee. In a pair of commercials that hit the Web yesterday, the star of Scarface and The Godfather is seen selling us on his love for the white black stuff.

We’re a little surprised to see Pacino stoop to this level—but, really, should we be? Here at VIBE, some of our favorite celebrities have been pimping products for years now to make a little extra money. Just check out these 10 entertainers who put their good names on the line to make a quick buck. Cha-ching! —Chris Yuscavage