Lyfe Jennings: ‘I Will Not Pay Your Bills’

I got two boys and a little girl, two baby mamas; I feel like I got 20. Some people gon’ be looking at this like I know this nigga ain’t trying to give advice—because I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But I would say don’t have sexual dealings with your baby mama once it’s established y’all not gon’ be together. Because when they want you and they got a chance, then they gon’ keep up with the nonsense and every time that they get mad about something it’s gon’ reflect with the kids.

Anything that has to deal with the legality of your kids, get it right because people, not just women, are finicky. They’ll tell you something and they mean it at the time but then as time go on things change. It’s so much cleaner and easier when you just get the stuff right. Shout out to my 20 baby mamas, I wish you well. My baby mama always trying to send me to jail, that’s her goal in life. My other baby mama she cool. She wants me to be involved in my child’s life. but both of them are just spoiled and I take full responsibility for that ’cause I spoiled ‘em. But now I’m trying to spoil me.

I hate to jump out on people because I know Nas. That’s my little partner right there and I done dealt with that [same type of] situation as [him and] Kelis before, but come on. It seem like females just be wanting the dude to suffer. It’s hard. They want him to pay, what, $50,000 a month? Do you realize that this dude bill is probably at least $30,000 a month so 50 plus 30? And then taxes is 50% so this man has to turn around and make $160,000 a month just to have his bills paid. That’s crazy hard to keep up. That ain’t cool. Why not get a job? Let’s do it together. I look at it from her side, too, because I guess she felt like, “I dealt with this for all these years and a lot of success that he’s had, a lot of I guess physical success came from me making sure his mental success was here.” So she’s entitled to something but she ain’t entitled to all of it.


I hope everything work out for everybody who has baby mamas and I hope they change these laws to stop letting women and men—’cause some men be filing for child support, too—but stop letting them make a living off child support and start requiring them to get a job. I done dealt with chicks before and maybe two, three weeks in they start asking about stuff: “Oh I can’t really come by because I gotta find out how I’ma pay this rent and I wish somebody would help me out.” I be like, “Well take as much time as you need because that rent really need to be paid.” [Laughs]. There’s gotta be a co-op. I’ve been in the situation where it’s crazy stuff. Insane. I will not do that again. Paying for everything, credit cards that you pay and clothes, cars—people get spoiled.

I definitely want an independent woman. And I don’t expect you to make as much as I make. That’s probably not gon’ happen. But I just want a contribution. When we walk in the house together we feel like we both got a stake in this. I’m not the only one that’s gon’ lose if something go wrong. We gon’ lose together and therefore we gon’ gain together and the keyword in all that is “together.” I will not support you. I will not pay your bills, I will not do that. You gotta have your own thing going on. —As Told To Clover Hope

Lyfe Jennings’ fourth album, I Still Believe, hits stores on August 31.