Mashonda Bares All, PART II (Pg. 5)


How do you think Swizz answers the question, ‘What ended your marriage?’
Knowing him, he’d probably say we grew apart. It sounds ridiculous, because you’re not supposed to grow apart. People just don’t understand the concept of marriage. They do it, just to do it sometimes.

What would be your advice to women dating within the industry?
I would avoid it completely. People in the industry… a lot of them are just that. They can’t turn off, they are always on, they forget who they really are and they think they are just this athlete or this rapper all the time. And they get a pass for doing foul shit, that’s just how it is. You don’t want to be apart of that. You need to be with somebody who understands when they are messing up and that can stop and fix their shit. Someone that doesn’t strive off what everyone else thinks of them. 

What’s most important to you right now?
My son. My independence. I especially love helping women. WEEN (The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) just invited me to join the Honorary Chair Committee for their second annual awards. I’m very, very proud of that. I also love volunteering. Sanctuary For Families… this shelter is incredible. They take in women that were domestically abused in any shape and they take in their children. Give them shelter, legal support, health, put the kids in school, it’s incredible. I wanted to do something for women that go through what I went through on a different level. You always think, ‘Oh my God, I’m so bad off, I can’t believe he did that to me.’ And then you hear stories from these women and realize how blessed you are.

How long have you been working for them?
I started last year. I’m very involved. The mothers sometimes just need people to talk to. I give a lot of donations.

I’m sure you’ve received a bunch of reality TV offers as well.
I’ve been offered three shows in the past two years, but I’m not ready for that. My life has been so publicly displayed already, I need some form of privacy. I’m more into producing reality TV than being on a show, but I might make a few guest appearances like Shaunie O’Neal.

Will you be writing more after Death of a Mermaid?
Yes, I’m actually working on a book of quotes. There’s also some film stuff. I’m in the process of forming a production-publishing company. And just got certified as a professional interior designer… looking to get a Pilates certification as well. There’s a lot going on. Women can get so caught up in love and totally forget about themselves, so it’s always important to have your own thing going on.

It’s been awhile since we last heard a music record from you. Will we be seeing another Mashonda album any time soon?
I love music, it’s how I began. I’ve received some offers to work with different producers to come up with an album [that] I’m going to entertain it; I’m in the studio working on a lot of writing and recording. Right now, I want to sell a lot of songs to different artists.

So folks shouldn’t anticipate a heart-wrenching, personal ballad anytime soon, right?
I will at some point, but not right now. Right now I want to do music to make people happy. I’m just not on that page of letting people only talk about this situation. Don’t want to stay in that realm. I’m not even looking for a record deal, I’m just being free. I like it that way. I’m not using this situation as a publicity stunt to try and get other things going. I’m not going to live off them and their names. I don’t want to be remembered as an ex-wife that went through a time of public divorce.

What do you want to be remembered for?
Making women stronger.  —Tracy Garraud


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