Reality TV Recap: Ochocinco Ranks His Women; Terrell Owens Depressed


Ochocinco may be the zillinth person to attempt finding love on “reality” TV. In last night’s inaugural episode of The Ultimate Catch, the football star held tryouts for the women who would compete for his affection. It started out with 85 skanks women spread out on a football field (at the Rose Bowl) doing stretches led by B-Twice, while Ochocinco walked around randomly telling women they were cut (probably because they were either not cute or weren’t flexible enough) until he narrowed down his selection to 17 finalists. There was a rumor last month that Ochocinco didn’t want Black women on the cast but that probably isn’t true. There weren’t many sisters, but Ochocinco did implement some affirmative action by adding at least two…out of the 17 women chosen, who were mostly Latin (no Slim Thug).

The most unique thing about the show is that the women are competing in a tournament style game. There’s an actual bracket detailing who’s up against whom and details Ochocinco’s favorite women by number rank. Other than that, everything else was typical. Ochocinco invited his boys, B-Twice and TO, to help him check the ladies out, and there was one woman classy enough to turn down TO’s phone phone number request because “cameras were everywhere.” Despite her shadiness, she wasn’t sent home because Ochochinco thought she was hot (it’s all good until someone smashes the homie). The woman who actually was sent home wasn’t really memorable, especially since Ochocinco didn’t give the women stripper nicknames but other than that, it looks like this season is going to be a doozy, with enough cat fighting to last us for the rest of the year. Guess what? We can all thank Flavor Flav for this trend but these shows wouldn’t exist if people didn’t watch.

Do you think Ochocinco can really find love on TV or are these women just aspiring video girls looking for publicity? Is this trend of celebrities searching for love on TV your guilty pleasure?




Terrell Owens is back with his best friends Mo and Kita in tow. Last night’s premiere episode found TO disappointed about his life over last year. He says he isn’t happy with football anymore (primarily because the Bills didn’t make the playoffs) and the woman he claims is the love of his life⎯on again off again girlfriend, Kari⎯isn’t talking to him. In addition to that, he had a falling out with his former friend/bodyguard. Kita and Mo are trying to talk him into staying with his football career and also want him to make things right with the people in his life. So far, football is still up in the air but he did head to LA to chat with his ex.

She’s not ready to take him back just yet but the pair might head to couples therapy. TO also has to make things right with some of his children and their mothers because, according to the season preview, he has a son he hasn’t met yet. That’s out of line. Let’s not write TO off just yet. Hopefully, throughout the season, he really will grow and improve on the things in his life that need betterment. Kita and Mo always keep it real with him so if he takes their advice along the way he’ll be fine.

TO’s show will be a nice balance to the foolery that is sure to come during Ochocinco’s half-hour (so reality TV junkies don’t have to feel too guilty about watching trash), but hopefully it won’t be too depressing.

Do you prefer the seriousness of TO’s show to the shenanigans of Ochocinco’s?